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Kiwi Beach Resorts

Our seaside hotels are located on the two beautiful Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia!

We also offer solutions in resorts or b&b equipped with the greatest comforts, proposing treatment formulas that are best suited to a relaxing holiday.

Formulas with full board and drinks with meals or all inclusive to be enjoyed in serenity, even by the pool.

Seaside hotels

Hotel Hopps – Mazara del Vallo

We promote offers and economic solutions, also suitable for families for each of our seaside hotels.

At our facilities the customer is always protected and pampered!

In fact, we are concerned to preserve his health by complying with the directives of the Ministry, in particular with respect to the coronavirus situation.

We recommend traveling after obtaining the Green Pass.

However, we are also equipped to welcome those who have opted for a last minute holiday, keeping our staff updated on health and safety at work.

Seaside hotels


We care about the protection of the planet and in particular to keep the beaches and seas clean. So #cleanbeaches is our motto!

For example: have you ever wondered how far the food you buy for your fantastic seaside hotels or for the breakfasts of your B&B travels?

Transporting products has a major economic and environmental impact!

Therefore by preferring purchases at zero km, in addition to supporting local economies, costs and above all CO2 emissions related to travel are avoided.

If until a few decades ago food only traveled short distances, today it crosses oceans and continents with enormous environmental impacts.

CastelSardo Resort - Seaside hotels

CastelSardo Resort – Baia Ostina

If you want to support our battle, don’t forget to tag us with #kbrseeusoon and #cleanbeaches 📲 in the various social networks.

Above all, did I mention that you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube? 🤳

Follow us and start sharing our values if you like, meanwhile you will receive updates on our initiatives and special offers! 😊

In conclusion, what are you still waiting for?

Book now your seaside hotel on your favorite island!

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